Monday, May 11, 2009

Shopping local and handmade has never been easier...

I had a blast at Fresh Off The Press this past weekend - there were so many juicy locally-made designs that I spent every cent I made.

I got:
a fantastic wide recycled leather belt with snaps and pleating from Deborah Adams (who also makes recycled leather bags - a great, affordable alternative to m0851! If you make one purchase at Puces Pop this weekend...make this it.)

a yellow feather hair clip from Lorianne Hawdur Design.

a red and black gingham blouse with ruched button-up from Shanah of Little Houses Clothing... and it's called The Rachel! Not named after me, though I'd like to think so.

a set of hand-stitched and silkscreened cushions from Shannon of coucou salut - I just love her industrial aesthetic.

A lot of these ladies will be at Puces Pop this coming weekend (Change of location! At the Ukrainian Federation instead of the St Michel Church) so don't miss your chance.

In other news, Brazen Design has been added to the roster at CanCon Fashion and to the Mudshark Streetwear Online Boutique. CanCon Fashion is "a showcase of Independent, socially responsible designers accessible to both retail clients and new boutiques" and Mudshark is like the Canadian Fashionista version of etsy. All of my favourite Montreal lines are there, including Eve Gravel, Valerie Dumaine and Anastasia Lomonova. Now there are no excuses not to purchase locally-, consciously- and well-made clothing that supports our incredible design talent.


  1. Yes, I do get the blog entries on Facebook, but the real blog is yummier!!!

  2. Looking forward to this weekend Raych. That shirt looks like it was named after you... I think on some cosmic, metaphysical level it really was... xo