Monday, September 29, 2008

Brazen Bling at Puces Pop - Oct 4 & 5

The Puces Pop Marketplace, part of the Pop Montreal Music Festival, is taking place this coming weekend, October 4 & 5, and Brazen Design will be there with bells on. Okay, forget the bells. Accessories? Of course and always.

As it goes with most mile-end-ish craft fairs, it will take place at the St. Michel Church Hall, 105 St. Viateur West, in the basement.

Prepare to be overwhelmed and overheating.

The Brazen Design table will be featuring the 4th installment of the Brazen Design One Offs, as well as the ever popular leaf vein earrings - on SUPERSALE ($15 - in honour of Autumn and the nostalgic imagery that is leaves falling off trees.)

Brazen Design One Offs #4 began as a twinkle in my eye about a year ago and was finally manifested in a real labour of love in time for the annual Puces Pop sale. I am proud to introduce One Offs #4: "The Key to my Heart", to the world.

Inspired by the awesome-ness that is the Lee Valley Hardware Catalogue, "The Key to my Heart" uses real escutcheons (awesome word = learn it = 'ornamentation around a keyhole, handle or switch') combined with stones, charms, pearls and glass to create lovely pieces of poetic bling that you won't wanna evah take off!

Merci et j'espere vous voir ce week-end!