Saturday, July 25, 2009

Street Stylin: Aprille in the T-Dot

Here's a weekend post before I go on my first vacation since launching Brazen Design two years ago!

While I was in Toronto and snapping shots of the Holt Renfrew blogger windows, I ran into Aprille and her fabulous (dare I say? Tres Montreal) get-up and just had to get her photo for the new Street Stylin' feature.

Full name: Aprille Melissa Radam
Age: 25 yrs old
Occupation: Associate Manager at Aritzia

Satin crepe drapey blazer - Wilfred for Aritzia
Spandex tank top - Talula Babaton for Aritzia
Cotton harem pants - a boutique that sells products from Nepal (I forgot its name?)
Zip gladiator sandals - Michael Michael Kors from Holt Renfrew
Aldo Accessories
Coach wristlet

What does your tattoo mean?
I got it when I was much younger (14 years old), so the explanation of the significance of it is quite juvenile. Its a dove carrying a rose...which quite simply symbolizes peace and love. LOL (how hippy is that!?)

Not hippy at all, Aprille! Peace and love still rocks my world...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Street Stylin': Danielle in BodyBag by J.U.D.E.

My friend Danielle wore this stunner to her engagement party - a perfect light summer dress amped up with classic navy blue striping and oversized white hem. Made in Montreal with love!


BodyBag by J.U.D.E.
17 Bernard West, Montreal.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Hail The Sale! Eve and Valerie at Unicorn

There's a big ol' sale going down at Boutique Unicorn (St Laurent, north of Laurier, east side) , today and tomorrow! Eve Gravel and Valerie Dumaine brand new stock going back to the warehouse post-sale so a golden opportunity not to be missed!

Here's the post with all the deets.

And here's the post with some pics of items. It looks to me like it might be more than just Eve and Valerie... I recognize a gingham DACE (Vancouver designed and made!) dress I tried on in Toronto - super cute! (Though tailored to the tall skinny girls among you!)

See you there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Heart Valerie Dumaine

I am on a Valerie Dumaine kick lately - this Montreal designer's locally made creations are seamlessly satiating my desire for classic cuts with a sexy edge.

I blogged about my Valerie Dumaine jumpsuit a few weeks ago - the one I bought at LabCreatif's Designer Sale.

I've worn this dress once a week since I purchased it in April (it even got Mom's stamp of approval - though that time I didn't pair it with my Marlie Dekkers bra;)

And seeing as the hot humid days of July and August are nowhere to be seen, I just purchased this cardigan from Mudshark Streetwear, my favourite one-stop online shop for Canadian couture. I'll upload another pic when it arrives!

If I could, I would have added these to my shopping cart.

The Chloe Dress:

And the Olivia Tunic (I saw a girl rockin' this up St Laurent and it was just fantastic - the sequins really do it for me!)

Oh Valerie! How I love thee!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Holt Renfrew goes 2.0 - Take 2.0

Pardon my lack of blogging this past week - I was at a family reunion in Toronto. As promised, I made time to see the Toronto and Montreal Holt Renfrew "ode to fashion bloggers" windows.

I took my childhood friend Camille to see them in Toronto which was appropriate as she and I spent a lot of time trailing her mom through Holt's and fantasizing about shopping there as adults.

Pardon the photos - I would have loved to take photos at night without all the reflection but just didn't get a chance.

Toronto's Bryan Boy window. Montreal's was too lame for me to photograph.

The Sartorialist windows in Montreal - didn't get to see the Toronto one, sadly.

Montreal's I Want I Got window:

Toronto's I Want I Got window.

Toronto's Sea of Shoes (I love the wave! We didn't get a wave!)

Montreal's Garance Dore window:

Toronto's Garance Dore window:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eco-friendly Jewellery Polish

sun + cycle + mtl = happiness
My friend Steph, who works with silver art clay, has been on a mission to find eco-friendly jewellery-making techniques. An effort I very much appreciate as it helps me make my process lighter on the environment. She is blogging about each method she finds and here is her first discovery: using soap nuts - purchased for $2 from one of the mile-end Indian grocery stores on Parc below Bernard - to polish silver and gold. Read her blog here.