Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday Sale-ing

Aw, I miss the weekend already.

I had an awesome local-consumption Saturday - on my bike ride to drop off supplies for the massive depaving and garden project for Greening Duluth, I had to stop at Jen Glasgow's impromptu studio-sample-street-sale along the bike path. I picked up a lace-back summer dress in shades of watermelon, a grey v-neck t-shirt with pouffy capped sleeves in dark denim and a smokey rose-coloured long-sleeved scoop neck shirt...all for 15$!

After watching the crazy greening on Duluth for awhile (check it out if you're around Duluth and Coloniale), I headed down to Les Ailes De La Mode to check out the Marche du LABcreatif.

I had a hard time finding it - tucked away in a vacant retail spot on the 2nd floor, it was sadly inconspicuous. Once there though, I gleefully loaded up my arms with a dozen items from a dozen designers. Not much was on sale or from previous collections, which I can understand - they're trying to market themselves as serious established designers and it wasn't a sample sale.

Nonetheless, I swore I'd only buy something on sale - which meant I went home with a grey Valerie Dumaine shorts jumper from the spring/summer collection of '08 at half price (pictured above in navy blue), and didn't go home with this beautiful cowl neck dress from Marie-Eve Gravel at Meg Couture. Now that I have been introduced to this incredibly well-made and classic line, I will definitely be keeping my eyes on her.

Check her out:

I wish I'd seen more people at the sale - the only other ladies in the changeroom were from Toronto and had just stumbled upon it - though they made a nice dent in the selection with their T-dot salaries!

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