Friday, February 26, 2010

All hail the sale: Birds of North America

Birds of North America, one of my favourite Montreal labels, is having an 40% sale on what's left of the Fall/Winter '09 inventory.

It's an online sale only - check it out here:

P.S. General 54 is open for Nuit Blanche! Check out the deets here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Fashion Faux Pas

Ok, confession time: I love the Olympics.

I don't know why. I can't stand watching most sports and though I'm a regular at the gym and do yoga twice a week, I have zero interest in athleticism and even less so in patriotic pride.

Maybe it's the high emotions. Or maybe it's the fashion faux pas.

Ill-fitting retro jackets? Faux Pas.

I have grimaced every time a Canadian has stepped onto the podium. Sporting that ill-fitting quilted jacket and topped with an unshapely red and white toque, each medallist has struggled to raise their arms above their heads. And I bet they're all made in China, too. Such a shame...

Cultural Appropriation? Faux Pas.

As a closet-ice-dance-lover I was rendered speechless upon seeing the outfits sported during the "Original Dance" whose theme was "Folk Dance". Apparently cultural-appropriation is the look du jour when the whole world is watching.

I have no words for this. And this is the supposed improved version after they offended Australian aborigines with their brown-face and extra ridiculous "war paint" markings.

Faux Pas or the bleeding edge of stylish?

Love 'em or hate 'em, atleast Norway's curling pants are interesting.

Australia gets my vote for best speedskating garb, though an honorary mention goes to Japan's blingin' gold and black.

Stylish bling. Never a fashion faux pas.

On the positive side, some respectful nods go to the artwork. I'm loving the wooden podiums by James Lee & Leo Obstbaum.

And the medals, designed by Corrine Hunt and Omer Arbel, are a design first.

The medals are unique, and not flat, two firsts for Olympic medals. Each medal is a piece of a larger artwork, and the waves represent that breathtaking BC landscape.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Round Up

A random round-up of what's on my fashion mind this week.

I was interviewed for this great article on Montreal's Craft culture by Aaron Vansintjan. Check out - well articulated.

If you've admired this skirt I've been wearing, get it NOW - on sale for $39! So easy to wear. Comfy, soft and easy to combine with a variety of tops and leggings.

[While you're on Michelle's etsy shop, check out the new S/S collection. Delicious. I also picked up a pair of her luxe leggings which paired fantastically with my Denis Gagnon over the weekend.]

Upcoming Chatte Bottee sale at HQ on the 25th. Vintage boots n' shoes. Don't miss it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P. McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen died yesterday. It's a sad sad day for fashion lovers, designers and anyone remotely artistically inclined.

McQueen was the King of the Thing that went Bling.

I tried to write some sort of hommage to my lifetime's most influential designer but these images from the last few collections say it best. Rest in peace, Fashion's Prince.... Enfant Terrible de la Mode.

P.S. Check out a nice bunch of images from the last 10 collections at Clin D'Oeil.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Featured Blog: In LIfe & In Fashion

Time's been a little precious lately and so I wanted to share with you a post I really liked, on a blog called In Life and in Fashion. A friend of mine recommended Kena's blog to me, and when I went to check it out I was pleasantly surprised to find a refreshing take on style & grace - from a fellow brown blogger no less!

I thought that this post about Making a Most Coveted List would be a great way of imposing some restraint on our wallets and wardrobes. I think this is a great trick for foregoing another round of cheap n' dirty shirts to save up for some Made-In-Canada goodness.