Monday, March 30, 2009

All Hail The Sale: m0851

This coming weekend is a bad time to be out of town - so I need all y'all to represent for me! My favourite leather bag store (made in Montreal with Italian leather) is having their yearly spring sale at their office. If you had your eye on anything from the last few seasons, go early! And don't forget to check out Stylist's Own while you're out!

The deets:


April 3rd - 5th
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
3981 boul St-Laurent suite 444
T.514 842 1221

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Hail The Sale: La Chatte Bottée!

Tomorrow evening, La Chatte Bottée will be holding another fantastic vintage shoe sale at Headquarters Boutique. No need to scan the bare shelves at another friperie, these ladies make sure to stock the house with a huge range of styles and sizes.

The deets:
6 - 9pm
Friday March 27th
Headquarters Galerie and Boutique, 1649 Amherst

Monday, March 23, 2009

All Hail The Sale! Stylist's Own

I am so torn up about not being in town for this...

Azamit - Montreal Stylist Extraordinaire and co-creator of Souk @ SAT - has done it again: a sale where you can purchase the un-purchasable from la creme de la creme of Montreal's fashion scene. Deets follow.

Edition 01
Printemps-Été/Spring-Summer 2009

Vendredi 03 avril – 10h à 21h
Samedi 04 avril – 10h à 18h
Dimanche 05 avril – 12h à 18h

Friday April 3rd – 10am to 9pm
Saturday April 4th – 10am to 6pm
Sunday April 5th – 12pm to 6pm

Unique pieces in fashion and design that have been kept hidden, secret, or simply not accessible to the public.

ADD l A.J l Alek Paul Eyewear l Alexis Hudson l American Retro l Andrea Pritschow l Antonin Sorel l Aquaovo l Bjorn Borg l Bols d’Éln l BroLLte l Bruuns Bazaar l BY MALENE BIRGER l BZR l Catherine Chagnon l Costume National Eyewear l Cynthia Steffe l Denis Gagnon l De Renaudin l Designers Remix l D-i-a-r-y l Diesel Black Gold l Drykorn l ella moss l ENERGIE l Erratum Designers l Été Eyewear l Étienne Hotte l furni l Futil design l Gio-Goi l Gròa l Harakiri l Headquarters Galerie l Hoss l James Perse l John Varvatos Eyewear l Killah l L*space l La Fée Maraboutée l M8N4 l mary design l Melinda Pap l Miju l Mikael Baillairgé l Miss Sixty l Mogil l Morales l Morphine Generation l Noa Noa l Pascale Girardin l Pearls Before Swine l Pina & Gina l Pipisquid l Princesse Tam-Tam l Rachel Pally l Rita l roadkiLL l Rosemary Hedges l Salinas l Sanctuary l Schleeh Design l Splendid l Sweetface l Tara Jarmon l Tavan & Mitto l Thakoon Eyewear l Travis Taddeo l Turnover l +

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Faux Pas: Nylon Tote

Why must I see this bag slung across the shoulder of every other woman walking down the street? I refused to acknowledge the trend when it surfaced a year ago but things have gotten to the breaking point - Ladies, are we merely sheep to the fashion industry? Do you not realize you are all walking around with the exact same bag, which in and of itself is as boring (and sure, functional) as a black t-shirt?
I'm not pissing on all nylon totes - in fact I have seen this bag as a great men's briefcase, and it can be stunning in all leather - they are super functional, go with everything and are the right size. But if you're gonna tote one around atleast pick one that is interesting: choose one with a pattern, nicer material..or double the functionality with a solar panel tote!
Or scrap the tote completely and order a local hand-made bag from MIR-Handbags instead.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeans Jeans Jeans!

Alright. I have a confession. I had never been to Jeans Jeans Jeans before Saturday. When asked my opinion about this crazy denim outlet in the basement in the heart of the textile district, I always had to spew out second hand information: "I hear it's a good deal" or "I hear they're really helpful" which always illicited a "You haven't been?! But've shopped every store in this city!"

Thanks to my friend Nancy's need for jeans, I had the perfect excuse to check it out on a beautiful spring-is-in-the-air-Saturday. Which apparently was the thought everyone else had in mind, though I think it is safe to assume that Saturday afternoons are always chaos and confusion at Jeans Jeans Jeans.

Let me tell ya, nothing prepared me for the experience. Not even running into friends who had gone in and left due to sheer overwhelm. As we descended into the denim abyss and were confronted by the 30-person change room line up, Nancy began to panic and suggested it'd be better to return another day. I thankfully had my shopping wits about me. "We're already here", I insisted. "And I bet the line up is shorter at the changeroom in the back". It was. (Smart Shopper Tip: Use the most remote changeroom in a store to avoid a lineup) And we did. And here's what I think...

Customer Service. 5 stars
We squeezed into the tiny aisles with everyone else and headed for our favourite brands. Everytime we grabbed at a pair of jeans and started to find our size, a friendly girl would pop her head in and ask "What size you need?" and get it for us, even if her arms were full and other salesgirls were calling her name. "I'm busy!", she'd yell across the floor in the direction of her name. "Find me a Parasuco skinny in a 29 with diamond bling back pocket!" Some floor girls even took the time to explain the colour codes for sizes, though I couldn't ever find the navy blue hangers and ended up looking at tags anyhow.

The staff at the changerooms are even more helpful, if that is possible. If they can't flag down a floor girl for your bling pocket whatchamacallits in whichever size, they'll go get it themselves. And they will not hesitate to tell you when a pair of pants is perfect for you - their method for assessing this is to tell you to turn around so they can see how your bum looks while the line-up looks on.

When I noticed that I was still holding a pair of ill-fitting jeans with some seriously bad backpocket bling instead of my perfect fit Second Yoga Jeans, (I had accidentally dumped the wrong pair on the reject pile) my changeroom girl disappeared for ten whole minutes and didn't return until they were located. That is customer service.

Doesn't end there: they also offer on the spot tailoring, 20 - 30 minutes wait time! She does it right in front of you, squeezed between racks of denim. Even the guy who cashed us out was a stand up comedian and somehow got Nancy to offer to take me for coffee at Olympico! What a prince.

Staff Knowledge: 5 Stars
Though I like to stay on top of which brands design for which body types (don't worry I'll write about that soon enough) there is no need to go in there with any idea of what jeans you want/like/need/fit - they are experts on what brands and fits suit flat bums/booty/small calves/big calves/hips/bellies and on. They can also tell you if something will shrink/stain/retain/loosen and soften. I was informed that my Second Yoga jeans have a four way stretch. Fascinating.

Selection: 5 Stars
Obviously, Jeans Jeans Jeans is reknowned for its selection. But my biggest doubt about Jeans Jeans Jeans was whether they would have a conscious consumption selection. Would it all be made in China brands? Oh my, were my fears put to rest! Not only do they carry our homegrown Guido and Mary (yup, made right here in Montreal!), I found other brands, like the pair of Seconds I purchased, that were made in Canada as well!

Price: 4 Stars
I should probably give them 5 Stars, but I still haven't come to terms with the exorbitant price of denim today. Seeing as most of the jeans are under $80 when they're $120 everywhere else, perhaps my 4 Stars is harsh. I don't know how much the tailoring cost but I imagine the convenience is worth whatever they think is reasonable to charge. They also have a bunch of sales racks (I got a pair of skinny green jeans off of those for $30) and some good Buy One Get Second Half Price deals.

Hours: 5 Stars.
Open from 9 - 4 on Saturday, it is a good idea to get there early! Jeans Jeans Jeans is closed on Sundays, which might inconvenience a lot of people, but they are open 9 - 9 on Thursdays so if you can, go then!

Honestly, I don't know if I'll ever buy my jeans anywhere else unless they are a special fit, or from a local designer. Jeans Jeans Jeans I say!

Jeans Jeans Jeans is located at 5575 Casgrain.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off Topic: Dorito Guru Contest

Ok, I don't normally do this but I became a little obsessed about looking at the video submissions for the Dorito Guru contest and I am baffled at the lack of decent videos and appalled at the ones that have been highly rated. As a former video art student and lover of home-made video, I think that this video needs to become the winner. Screw this whole "most popular becomes winner" phenomenon of web 2.0 contests. This one is actually good and simple and funny! Go to to vote on it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diamond in the rough: HKR

You've probably walked by the many HKRs in this city without giving them a second glance, unless you were grimacing at the neon stretchy baby tops on the models in the window. But next time you walk by and have 5 minutes to spare, take a look around the store and take a good look at the label on anything that catches your fancy. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that it's Made in Canada. And cheap. I spotted a translucent zebra print shirt for $30 that was Made in Canada, though the drop crotch pants underneath were sadly manufactured in China...

Check out the awesomely cheasy HKR website for a 25% discount! Though they make it seem like all their stuff is manufactured here, it's not or not any longer at least. But they are still a homegrown Montreal business located right here in the city.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How To: Pull off Animal Prints

Extreme Faux Pas...

I recently acquired a cotton tiger print scarf and the question was asked of me: How do I wear animal prints without committing a major faux pas? Well, the rules are simple and apply to pretty much anything (erm...maybe not #2) in life.

1. Use in Moderation: stick to one print per outfit, and one piece of printed clothing per outfit. If you really want to play it safe, stick to an accessory like a scarf or belt.

2. Keep it faux. Unless it's vintage, real animal prints are scary and/or evil.

3. Material is important. Stay away from plasticky vinyls, especially for snake skin, which will just peel and look gross. And please please please stay away from anything furry and velvety!

4. Au Naturel. I'm referring to colour here. Take it from me, ex-owner of many hot pink animal print platforms and skirts (never hats, thank you very much): stick to the natural colouring of a print. Black, white, browns, taupes... all safe.

BONUS TIP. Provided you follow all the rules above, the ultimate place to wear animal print is on your shoes. There's nothing like wearing panther pumps with your jeans and T to elevate your status to style maven.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Faux Pas: Big Ol' Retro Spectacles

I shouldn't even have to say this. Those big ugly eyeglasses from the 80's that you hipsters are (still!) wearing? STOP. Dudes and Ladies: these suck...okay? There is a reason no one makes them anymore. If you want big, do the Buddy Holly look or something.

However, since this blog post isn't gonna make these go away, I wish I'd kept my ugly-ass glasses from when I was a kid so I could resell them.

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