Thursday, May 14, 2009

Puces Pop!

So. Tired. Must. Prepare. More. Things. For. Puces. Pop...

So y'all better come see me and the other 99 talented montrill designers who are bustin' our butts to provide you with hot-to-trot bleeding edge fashions and findings.

For those who've been coveting the cast spruce and pinecones, I got a fresh new batch! They're only $45, which is a crazy good deal cause they are retailing for $70!

And for those yearning for more silver-covered truffles, there's a batch of those on the way as well - if I don't fall asleep while melting chocolate.

The Deets:
Saturday My 16th - Sunday May 17th
11am - 6pm
Ukranian Federation (yo - don't show up at the St Michel Church - it's not there this time!)
Corner of Hutchison and Fairmount (map)

That's a wrap!

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