Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I heart Black n' White nailpolish.

Thanks to the combination of a friend throwing a nailpolish party, another friend showing up with a bottle of black nailpolish and other friends encouraging a move away from the classic red I usually sport on my nails (toes only unless I'm on vacation - the woes of a rough-handed bling maker), I have become obsessed with black nailpolish. And nothing is classier than black and white so when I spotted a bottle of white nailpolish on a toilet paper-run, I couldn't help myself.

I'm a changed woman. Now if only I had the skill to paint houndstooth on my nails!

P.S. Sorry, no photos of my chubby and painted fingers or toes allowed. But you can submit yours to me and I'll publish them!

P.P.S. Again, not a fan of posting photos of myself but here's the promised photo of the Valerie Dumaine Cardigan - I've barely taken it off; it's the perfect summer rain and chilly evening wear to throw over my dresses n' sandals uniform. The propane tank makes for a strange background...

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