Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Street Stylin' Style Tip: Belts! Perfect for weddings.

If, like me, you have multiple weddings to attend before the summer draws to a close, you may be feeling it in your wallet. Buying gifts, travelling and needing multiple outfits per wedding really add up. Borrowing is a great way of making a great-looking one-time outfit that doesn't break the bank.

Nancy was in the same situation and so we had an accessory date. Belts were the focus, as we were trying to give shape to a gorgeous but shapeless Banana Republic dress found on super sale. We finally located the perfect one: my wide black leather belt with snap and puckered front detail (handmade from second hand leather in Montreal by Deborah Adams, available at Lustre Boutique). It matched the other pleats in the dress and instantly gave Nancy a flattering hourglass silhouette.

We also had fun dressing Nancy up in a variety of other belts to match her fantastic black tube/black skirt outfit that day. She left wearing a faux leather green wraparound that I picked up in NYC as well as an extra-wide purple leather made-in-Canada corset belt from Bedo.

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