Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Heart Valerie Dumaine

I am on a Valerie Dumaine kick lately - this Montreal designer's locally made creations are seamlessly satiating my desire for classic cuts with a sexy edge.

I blogged about my Valerie Dumaine jumpsuit a few weeks ago - the one I bought at LabCreatif's Designer Sale.

I've worn this dress once a week since I purchased it in April (it even got Mom's stamp of approval - though that time I didn't pair it with my Marlie Dekkers bra;)

And seeing as the hot humid days of July and August are nowhere to be seen, I just purchased this cardigan from Mudshark Streetwear, my favourite one-stop online shop for Canadian couture. I'll upload another pic when it arrives!

If I could, I would have added these to my shopping cart.

The Chloe Dress:

And the Olivia Tunic (I saw a girl rockin' this up St Laurent and it was just fantastic - the sequins really do it for me!)

Oh Valerie! How I love thee!


  1. we have them all at UNICORN!!! :-)

  2. Oooh ooh oooh Olivia tunic. I want this.

    Is this black or midnight blue?

  3. @ameliojonas - yes i know! and i will be blogging about your eve gravel/valerie dumaine sale tomorrow!

    @tanya the Olivia is grey with black and gold sequins. so hott!