Monday, July 13, 2009

Holt Renfrew goes 2.0 - Take 2.0

Pardon my lack of blogging this past week - I was at a family reunion in Toronto. As promised, I made time to see the Toronto and Montreal Holt Renfrew "ode to fashion bloggers" windows.

I took my childhood friend Camille to see them in Toronto which was appropriate as she and I spent a lot of time trailing her mom through Holt's and fantasizing about shopping there as adults.

Pardon the photos - I would have loved to take photos at night without all the reflection but just didn't get a chance.

Toronto's Bryan Boy window. Montreal's was too lame for me to photograph.

The Sartorialist windows in Montreal - didn't get to see the Toronto one, sadly.

Montreal's I Want I Got window:

Toronto's I Want I Got window.

Toronto's Sea of Shoes (I love the wave! We didn't get a wave!)

Montreal's Garance Dore window:

Toronto's Garance Dore window:

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