Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter Outfitting

I don’t know about you guys, but I find winter so hard. Maybe it’s my East Indian Blood, but sweating and humidity make me happy. Snow is pretty, but couldn’t I jump around in it wearing shorts? Please?

Being a Torontonian by birth, I made my way through my first three Montreal winters wearing only my vintage motorcycle jacket and a variety of flats/sneakers/PayLess boots.
I have finally become a real Montrealer in Winter: giant heavy sorels on my feet keep me warm and dry, my fur-trimmed hooded down coat makes me look twice as big as I am and no one recognizes me cause all you can see are my frosted-over glasses.

But it’s January 10 and it has been misting and 10 degrees for a week. I know it is freaky and scary and global warming and all that, but to be honest, my skin is loving the mild moisture. Also, it means I can pull out my Toronto Winter Look: a waist-length bell-sleeved red peacoat with giant black double-breasted buttons, and my knee-high, flat, Italian brown leather boots. To top it off, my friend gave me a gorgeous chunky knit scarf from Kate Spade, whose red matches my coat perfectly. (And it’s acrylic so no itchy).

Only six months left til summer!

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