Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things I won’t dress up for.

Don’t get me wrong: I won’t leave the house wearing my PJs (okay, maybe a FEW times, but no more than that!), but I certainly wouldn’t put high heels, eyeliner, earrings or accessorize in any way for the following things.

The movies.

The mall.

The gym.

An errand run (grocery shopping, drugstore, post office, taking out the recycling).

Travelling (road trip, airplane/train ride unless I’m getting picked up at my destination by a special someone).

Camping (but please don’t make me go camping).

Nude beach.

Add your own!


  1. I'm the opposite (expect for maybe the nude beach), I will dress up for anything. I like clothes that I find pretty--which often translates as fancy and if I like it I'll wear it whenever I like. I don't like it when my loveliest thing can only come out once a year--however I've not a big heels or accessory girl.
    But I agree with not being "formal" 24/7, it shouldn't be an effort to get dressed to go to the gym or the grocery store.

  2. I don't dress up for work :)... but I do dress up on many other occasions. I feel like even around my house I should wear fake glasses, like sitting around in my pajamas is a costume!

  3. Absolutely! I think the beauty and fun of dressing up is creating a whole character/ambiance/adventure out of it, and to do it because you want to and because it is fun.

    Sadly, I have found that working at home in my studio and being covered in silver dust and filings all the time makes me less inclined to put an outfit together when I run out to buy fruit. There was a time in my life when there wouldn't have been anything on this list! Except for the nude beach, right ms clothes horse? ;)