Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Party Gear

No need to go buy a new outfit for the office holiday party: simply pull out that packed away bag of summer clothes, grab a sundress (something sleeveless, preferably satiny) and slip it on over a pair of slim pants or stockings. Cover up with a cardigan or shawl, and put on some high boots.
For accessorizing, combine a half dozen pairs of necklaces (of similar type; fake pearls, long with charms - not different kinds), a pair of big gold or silver hoops or dangly earrings, and a big belt. If you’re feeling brazen, stack bangles on both of your wrists and sport a chunky stone ring or two.
Need a present for the host? Fashion some simple wineglass charms with wire and beads (each charm should be different so you can tell wine glasses apart) and voila!

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