Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The High-Waisted Pant Trend: take advantage!

The high waisted pant is back after a very long hiatus. It won't last forever, and I suggest you go out and get yourself a pair while you can. Go high quality and Made in Canada if you can (Guido and Mary, anyone?) with a sailor pant front.

Whether wide-legged or skinny all the way down, the high waist is a classic fit that compliments so many body types. Although I personally love the low-waist pants of today, there is no denying that the high waist is more comfortable, classy and winter-friendly.

Don't go cheap - I can't tell you how many $40 pairs I have tried on that haven't made it an inch past my thighs, let alone my hips (what is up with sizing these days?), and DO go vintage if you can - I have a pair of vintage wool sailor pants in navy blue that I have had since high school and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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An old friend of mine showed up the other day wearing a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans from Bedo - just gorgeous. I walked by a Bedo the very next day and looked for a pair, but they were ALL GONE. However, I recall getting an e-flyer last week from the Montreal Designer Market (Pins and St Dominique, Montreal) advertising their newly arrived High Waisted Skinny Jean. Guess what I'm doing on my lunch break tomorrow?

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  1. Update:

    Got myself a pair of skinny leg high-waisted jeans from Marche Montreal. They have a old-school corset-y look to the high waist and a dip in the centre. Wore it to a Brazen Design sale with a short sleeved blouse, cropped cardigan and stilettos.