Monday, January 18, 2010

Bodacious Bras

I recently visited Secrets from your Sister, a bra-fitting boutique in Toronto, Ontario. There I learned the truth behind a well-fitting bra (see bottom of post for a summary of what I learned!) and that we can apply conscious consumption to what's underneath our clothes.

I asked the very helpful staff about Made-in-Canada lingerie, and they showed me Grenier, pride of our own belle ville de Montreal since 1860! The collection covers all the bases - from plus sizes to wireless to teddies to control tops and bottoms - all reasonably priced and proudly made in Canada.

I also picked up a couple bottles of Soak, the Made-in-Canada no-rinse handwashing soap for your delicates (as seen on Dragon's Den!). I've been using it for 3 weeks - so far, so good!

Bra-fitting tips!

1. Cup sizes are relative to the rib size. So a 32 D is not the same cup size as a 38 D (it's smaller).
2. If your bra rides up in the back, it's not the straps, it's the rib size - it's too large.
3. When trying bras on, try it on the loosest hook so that over the years you can tighten it.
4. Handwash your bras, don't throw 'em in the machine! They will last many years this way.
5. Wash them every 1 - 3 wears.
6. Most of us'll "pudge" out of any bra - don't judge the fitting by it.


  1. Did not know # 1 and # 2. Thanks :)

  2. Me neither! I was wearing a 36B. Turns out I'm a 34 DD !

  3. Very cool. Will look for both Grenier and Soak. I sooo gotta visit a bra-fitting boutique!!

  4. Hey Anile, try Tour Eiffel, Boutique Anne Marie, J.Hauerstock (Decarie Square) or Jeannine Julien, 1330 Beaubien E.

    Or next time you are in Toronto, hit up Secrets from your Sister - I was totally blown away by their service and selection!

  5. This is totally one of those insanely practical posts that I'm passing on to all my girlfriends ... :P Thanks Rachel!

  6. Fantastic!

    We (and the girls) all deserve a proper fitting bra ;)

  7. I knew #1 and #2 - can't believe you were wearing a b!! :-p

    #6 is the one that's most helpful. If I pudge at all I usually don't buy.

    Thanks for the list of bra shops here in Montreal.

  8. I can't believe how off my size was, either!

    And #6 makes so much sense when you think about - I don't have any form-fitting clothes that I don't pudge out of in some sort of way - the meat's gotta go somewhere ;)

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