Wednesday, October 28, 2009

General 54's Fall/Winter line-up

I stopped in at General 54 recently, one of my favourite Montreal boutiques carrying Canadian-made goodies. They had painted and redecorated and it looked so great in there, I had to snap some pics of some of the great fall fashions they have in stock.

Like this ski-meets-tailored fashion top from co-owner Jennifer Glasgow's line:

Or this gorgeous grey top, also from Glasgow.

This Ramonalisa top is both slouchy and fitted in all the right places.

This gorgeous silkcreened linen dress is from the very-last-ever Nokomis collection.

This sumptuous sweater is brought to you by Anastasia Lomonova.

A gorgeous up-cycled creation from the one-and-only Supayana.

Nothing screams fall more than this red tartan blouse from Grob.

There was also much Birds of North America that I have been drooling over - but photos didn't turn out :(.


  1. I love the tartan skirt I got from ramonalisa at general 54 and I happen to be wearing today a Gress from Birds of North America (the shearwater).

    I think I heard about General 54 from you first - thank you!

  2. and of course by gress I mean one.

  3. Nice! You are such an awesome supporter of local designs, Jenn!