Thursday, October 1, 2009

And then Fashion went POP!

We had a blast last night at Fashion Pop!

Congratulations go out to Angie of Norwegian Wood, who took home the cash prize and Le Chateau gift certificate.

The audience was decked out and Montreal-gorgeous, all the collections were strong and had their share of strange "I don't know what to think about that!" elements - it was everything one wants to see on the catwalk.

All pictures courtesy of the incredible ncbeets, who accompanied me as my photographer. Maybe next time Pop'll have reserved seating for fashion bloggers so we can give you better coverage ;)

My favourite from winner Norwegian Wood. I love the gorgeous layered shoulders on this jacket.

Flavie Le Chat, LeChat clothing

Rachel J Chan's Contradict line.

Emily Brunet's La Fete

Charlotte Edison's Girlfriend Material

Marie-Eve Emond's Betina Lou


  1. The first outfit posted above of the Girlfriend Material pics was one of our faves!