Thursday, April 9, 2009

Featured Purchase: Strappy Sandals

All signs for the spring shoe trend point to strappy black sandals - lots of thick straps up to the ankle and a chunky heel. I had my eyes open for a pair when I was in Vancouver on layover, because the one thing they have up on our shopping scene is amazing shoe stores. I found these Campers at Umeboshi, a tiny store on Main with an orgasmic selection of high end shoes.

I like that the design is a minimalist nod to the strappy sandal, and I love the solid wood and rubber wedge as I dislike chunky heels. My favourite part is the gladiator-esque leather heel cap that comes up above the highest strap. And, because they are Campers, it's like walking on butter.

Unfortunately, Campers are no longer made in Spain - the company has said there is no way they could compete if they didn't manufacture in China. They also claim they don't use sweatshops and that the quality hasn't suffered in the least.

Maybe one of these days it'll be warm enough for me to wear these, and if I've had a pedicure, I'll post another photo!

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