Monday, April 13, 2009

Featured Purchase: Eve Gravel Love Wars Jacket

I bought this jacket at Unicorn, a new boutique on St Laurent, just north of Laurier. I had been meaning to check the store out ever since it opened, so I could inform my dear readers about this new made-in-montreal boutique.

There was only one jacket left, and it was 70% off! It fit me like a glove and I instantly fell in love with the braided detail, asymmetrical hem and double breast. It was also super soft, inside and out. My one complaint was the jacket's single eye-hook closure that left a half inch gap between the two sides. This was quickly rectified with a trip to my tailor, who moved the eye-hook and added four more.

Eve Gravel is a hot up-and-coming Montreal fashion designer and I love everything coming out of her studio. You must especially check out her online shop for her well-tailored, Made in Montreal and well-priced pants.


  1. Hi there. I recently discovered your blog. I too am from Montreal and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for really good tailors in Montreal?

    I'm a newcomer here, came here in September and I am too wary to just go to any simple nettoyeur and drop my shit off.

    Sorry for the random message.

  2. Welcome to Montreal!

    That is not a random request at all...

    Oh Wendy, do I have a tailor for you! My dear friend Adrienne is a very talented tailor who works from her home in the mile-end. Her work is above and beyond excellent and her prices very reasonable. I was gonna do a blog about her soon. Email me at and I will pass on her coordinates to you.

    (I don't want to post them here and flood her with requests without warning her!)