Monday, March 9, 2009

How To: Pull off Animal Prints

Extreme Faux Pas...

I recently acquired a cotton tiger print scarf and the question was asked of me: How do I wear animal prints without committing a major faux pas? Well, the rules are simple and apply to pretty much anything (erm...maybe not #2) in life.

1. Use in Moderation: stick to one print per outfit, and one piece of printed clothing per outfit. If you really want to play it safe, stick to an accessory like a scarf or belt.

2. Keep it faux. Unless it's vintage, real animal prints are scary and/or evil.

3. Material is important. Stay away from plasticky vinyls, especially for snake skin, which will just peel and look gross. And please please please stay away from anything furry and velvety!

4. Au Naturel. I'm referring to colour here. Take it from me, ex-owner of many hot pink animal print platforms and skirts (never hats, thank you very much): stick to the natural colouring of a print. Black, white, browns, taupes... all safe.

BONUS TIP. Provided you follow all the rules above, the ultimate place to wear animal print is on your shoes. There's nothing like wearing panther pumps with your jeans and T to elevate your status to style maven.

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