Thursday, March 19, 2009

Faux Pas: Nylon Tote

Why must I see this bag slung across the shoulder of every other woman walking down the street? I refused to acknowledge the trend when it surfaced a year ago but things have gotten to the breaking point - Ladies, are we merely sheep to the fashion industry? Do you not realize you are all walking around with the exact same bag, which in and of itself is as boring (and sure, functional) as a black t-shirt?
I'm not pissing on all nylon totes - in fact I have seen this bag as a great men's briefcase, and it can be stunning in all leather - they are super functional, go with everything and are the right size. But if you're gonna tote one around atleast pick one that is interesting: choose one with a pattern, nicer material..or double the functionality with a solar panel tote!
Or scrap the tote completely and order a local hand-made bag from MIR-Handbags instead.

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  1. oh thank you, thank you, thank you!
    i've been wondering the same thing.
    lame. point final.