Thursday, March 5, 2009

Faux Pas: Big Ol' Retro Spectacles

I shouldn't even have to say this. Those big ugly eyeglasses from the 80's that you hipsters are (still!) wearing? STOP. Dudes and Ladies: these suck...okay? There is a reason no one makes them anymore. If you want big, do the Buddy Holly look or something.

However, since this blog post isn't gonna make these go away, I wish I'd kept my ugly-ass glasses from when I was a kid so I could resell them.

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  1. 100% in agreement with this one. Make sunglasses big if you so wish, but please - let your face be stronger than your spectacles.

  2. Good point! In fact, the big/retro is a great look in sunglasses. Though I would recommend going all black...

  3. Good point - it's hard to know what period will be back again and which is still officially awful (or cool for a short time or awful but cool, etc).
    Personally I think the 70's were the worst but you just never know. I think part of it is when the current decision-makers were in their teens!
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    Thanks, Tate.
    PS Send me a picture of your fvaourite spectacles!