Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Case for Nude

The Nude Shoe rocks.

I know, I know, you think it's hard to pull off and should match your skin tone which is impossible, and anytime the word "flesh-coloured" gets used, people run as far away as possible.

But really, The Nude Shoe rocks.

1. Cream looks good on everyone. You don't have to match your skin tone - it's pure white that'll make you look pasty. And it's summer - get some sun on those feet!

2. Your legs will go on and on and on... who doesn't love that? I have a serious weak spot for ultra strappy and chunky black stilettos but I can't deny they shorten the look of my calves.

3. That killer cocktail dress will be all anyone sees. The Nude Shoe gives your entire outfit a subtle platform from which to shine.

4. Last but not least, they're sex in a shoe. There's something so enticing abou the suggestion that you're barefoot, while still on your tippy toes... Need I say more?

I've shown you some Christian Louboutin's to inspire you - I suggest looking for a substantial shoe like a wedge or espadrille, and/or something very strappy. My favourite incarnations are the summer-boot with peep toes and straps all the way up around the ankles.

And cause I refuse to pay money to see the second Sex and The City Movie, I got my fix by looking for nude shoes in the fashion-candy world of Carrie Bradshaw to prove my point.

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