Monday, February 1, 2010

Featured Blog: In LIfe & In Fashion

Time's been a little precious lately and so I wanted to share with you a post I really liked, on a blog called In Life and in Fashion. A friend of mine recommended Kena's blog to me, and when I went to check it out I was pleasantly surprised to find a refreshing take on style & grace - from a fellow brown blogger no less!

I thought that this post about Making a Most Coveted List would be a great way of imposing some restraint on our wallets and wardrobes. I think this is a great trick for foregoing another round of cheap n' dirty shirts to save up for some Made-In-Canada goodness.


  1. just discovered your blog, refreshing to read all things local...this may (or may not) be interesting to you (um must have FB access to view)if link doesn't work you can search on FB, "swap 'till you drop"

  2. Thanks, Ceecee!

    Is it the first result when you do an FB search?

    We have an awesome non-profit here called The S.W.A.P Team that runs massive clothing swaps.

    Thanks for reading, please stay in touch!


  3. Thanks so much for the love! :) Brown blogger...that is hilarious!

  4. Fabulous blog! Definitely adding it to my Google Reader!