Monday, December 13, 2010

Farewell Tour

It's been a long time since I regularly posted here, and it's time to explain. I have been battling with some health issues for the last six months and though I'm feeling much better each day, my priorities have inevitably shifted and I won't be able to commit myself to bringing you the latest on conscientious consumption of Montreal designer fare.

I have, however, begun blogging for General 54, one of Montreal's first independent design boutiques to support local talent. So look for me there.

And if you ever want any tips/opinions/comments/leads about where to shop, who to buy, and how to support the amazing sweethearts of the local design world, you can forever and always email me at info [at]

Brazen Design, my line of bling, will live on and can be found at

Thanks for the years of support, questions, sharing and for buying local. Much love to you and yours.



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  1. am wandering with the picture,
    Like the wandering nightingale with the insect.
    You are with the rose, and I with my love.
    You are crying, I will also cry.