Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Street Stylin': May Day Moments

May Day has come and gone and it was a blast. General 54's 4th year anniversary, the celebration of Local 23 and the unveiling of the new Local Annex space went down next door to the General this past Saturday. There was a fashion show, drinks, DJs, giveaways and projections.

The theme for the first show was Nautical Garden Party, featuring vintage dresses and new designs by grob, Enfants Sauvages and Jennifer Glasgow, to name a few. The models, hot-to-trot ladies from the hood, did a fantastic job walking the runway and posing en tableau.

Reema, of Cocoa Locale, looked simply splish-splash in this Glasgow dress, hot off the presses from the Spring/Summer collection. She's also sporting the Brazen Design anchor necklace and vintage shoes.

The second show was a little more glam, and the models poured champagne in the General's honour from an oversized cutout bottle.

The crowd was a fashion show in and of itself and many sported our local talent.

Reanna and Emilie were the suave stylists behind the show.

Reanna (left) was representing Australia in her Something Else by Natalie Wood top and denim leggings by Sports Girl.

Emily (right) is wearing a vintage onesie from their vintage collection Caesar Pony, on sale here. Also, check out Reanna's blog at reannatime.blogspot.com

My little sister Monica (left), wearing Noemiah earrings.

Deborah (middle) is the talent behind Deborah Adams recycled bags and belts and the sweat behind a number of local designer sewing machines. She is wearing boots from Sam Adelman purchased at Little Burgundy, an H&M waistcoat scored at the last S.W.A.P. and a pair of Teenflo pants from the 90's.

Aaron (right) is sporting a Viola Blanca ascot, black 514 Levi's also obtained at the S.W.A.P. and Fluevog ankle boots.

Roxy (left) is wearing a blouse from d.e.p.t., and Hoss ankle boots. Michelle, the genius behind Simone's Rose, is wearing a Vanessa Moore necklace, Betsy Johnson purse, Miss 60 shoes, Pants from Paris Pas Cher!, Foxy Jeans by Michelle Maymond sweater and Brazen Design earrings.

Elaine (left), mastermind behind Elaine Ho (aka Roadkill) jewellery and pepito mimumo clothing, is wearing a Les Copains jacket, belted vintage oversized camisole, Groggy leggings, Full Circle coat and vintage boots found at Value Village, and some knotty roadkill bling.

Yana (right), superstar of Supayana, is wearing a thrifted scarft, cardigan, jacket, purse and vintage boots.

Jenn (left), the 'jenn' of Jennifer Glasgow Design, is wearing a mashup of vintage Glasgow pieces.

Elizabeth (right) of Land of Talk, is wearing an Oasis leather jacket, Vexy shirt, Silence + Noise blazer, and jeans and tanktop purchased at "that sample store on St Viateur near Park". The boots are vintage Charles David and were purchased in New York right before playing on Letterman.

Jeremy (left) is wearing Lucky Jeans shirt and pants and sneaks purchased at Gravity Pope (when're we gonna get one of those?!).

Poppy (right) is wearing an H&M top, American Eagle jeans and Kensie shoes.

Reema (middle) is wearing vintage shoes and an altered vintage dress with a hilarious backstory; her and her father were thrifting in Hamilton while her mom was out of town (a habit they shared that mom didn't condone) and Reema hadn't found anything. Her dad, who is actually colourblind - grabbed a hideous muumuu from a rack and said "What about this?". That muumuu is now the dress you see in the picture, with the sleeves and hem shortened, and one of her go-to favourites.

Tamara, the lady behind This Ilk, is wearing This Ilk, an H&M sweater, Norwegian Wood leggings, Derek Durand camisole purchased at Puces Pop and Aldo sandals.

Monica with Tamara after purchasing a This Ilk necklace. The General opened for an hour after the fashion show and Monica ran over to buy this Enfants Sauvages (left) and grob (right) dress worn during the show.

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