Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Featured Designer: Simone's Rose

One of the best things about doing the Holiday Craft Fair circuit is meeting and bonding with other designers. I had the great pleasure of hanging out with the wonderfully effervescent Michelle Maynard of Simone's Rose, a Pyxus Passion Project.

When I first met Michelle at Smart Design Mart I tried to limit myself to one piece, the first being this fantastic Amour Houndstooth high-waisted skirt (as seen on me here at the Billie Boutique Blogger's night. Paired with a Pretty Raccoon fringe shirt).

But I spent the week dreaming about the Hailey dress, and so when I saw Michelle at Puces Pop/Rusty Plum I had to try it on. It fit like a glove and it was mine!

This is the dress you'll be seeing me in at a holiday party near you. Paired with my new booties, of course.

Just look at the gorgeous pleating of the sleeve...

Simone's Rose is a brand new line, built upon years of experience creating custom clothing and designing in the commercial fashion industry. Michelle's taste in cut and fabric are impeccable and the quality of the workmanship is undeniably high. Check out her Etsy shop, facebook page or make an appointment to stop by her Mile-End studio. You'll be happy you did!


  1. I'm actually drooling. If you turn me into a fashionista, I'll kill you.

  2. hee hee! well then, i guess i should write that will...

  3. Love it!! I want one!! Those sleeves are adorable. Haha Julie's getting sucked in, evil fashion goodness!! :)

  4. Oh gosh please give me the dress!! (in your will!!) KIDDINNGGG no not really....

  5. hee hee! ok, if you give me your missmooz!

  6. Deal!! I love that we swap even in our wills :)