Monday, February 16, 2009

Top 5: Jewellery Stores in Montreal

Here are my top 5 favourite jewellery stores in Montreal.

Technically they aren't all jewellery-only stores and sure, my line is carried at some - but they are still my favourite places to go for a kick ass piece of bling.

Totheme, 68 Fairmount West

Specialty: Custom orders, dirty-dirt cheap accessories, lots of it made by local artists.

Budget: Like I said....dirty-dirt cheap.

General 54, 54 St Viateur West

Specialty: Urban armour. Accessories for the discerning hipster.

Budget: Affordable to Pricey, but reasonably so.

Freitag, 3762 Boulevard St Laurent

Specialty: Variety of edgy sterling silver creations, lots of local stuff.

Budget: Affordable to Pricey, but reasonably so.

Argent Tonic, 138 Laurier West.

Specialty: BIG BLING. Amazing ring selection. Exclusivity.

Budget: On the higher end but not out of the budget.

Noel Guyomarc'h, 137 Laurier West

Specialty: This is the real deal. Noel carries only "Art Jewellery", meaning incredible wearable works of art.

Budget: Save up for a real special piece.


  1. I am proud to say that I have visited all five of them. My favorite place I have gone to is Totheme mainly because of its super affordable jewelries and that it is made by the local artists in town. Unfortunately, I was not able to purchase anything from my visit. Maybe the next time I come back to the place, I will prepare myself to buy one good item or two because I believe buying those jewelries is one way of helping out striving artists on the field of jewelry design. We should support the local designers by patronizing items they made and introduced in Montreal jewelry stores.

  2. I've never visited a jewellery store in Quebec before because I've been busy with work here in Alberta, but I'm really fond of viewing jewellery displays. From what I've noticed, many of the jewellery stores (Calgary) are family owned and operated for more than a decade, and that makes the designs more interesting. It makes me anticipate the next batch of designs that the family's succeeding generation will produce. I'll be going to Montreal for Christmas, and I'll see to it that I'll drop by those stores. Thanks!

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