Friday, February 15, 2008


Transcript of a text message conversation between my sister and I on Valentine’s.

“guess what sis- the main man got me a pearl necklace for v day! isn’t that crazy? and no, not the sexual kind”

“ omg so amazing - if he ever gives you the other kind, please don’t tell me “.

“ promise “

Let's sully this blog a little more by promoting my friend Larissa's amazing v-day cards by hand that she sells at the Concordia Co-op Bookstore (2150 Bishop Street) where she is a manager. This year, I purchased this one:

cover: Screw V Day
inside: Now Screw Me

Hee hee, so naughty!

Some of her other gems include "Happy V Day! I'm pregnant!" and a play on the other meaning of "V.D".

February is a rough month folks: Hang in there! The sun is starting to shine a little bit brighter...

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